Nail Clinic

Nail Clinic

Dr. Phoebe Rich is one of the world’s experts in nail conditions and diseases.

She has written textbooks, chapters in medical textbooks, and has headed multiple studies pertaining to nail conditions and treatments.

Dr. Rich currently teaches a monthly nail clinic at Oregon Health and Science University in the Center for Health and Healing Building on the south waterfront. This clinic, along with other teaching clinics held at our northwest office, offers an exciting opportunity for patients with stubborn, complex and/or rare nail conditions to receive expert care.

Additionally, Dr. Phoebe Rich has published and contributed to medical textbooks and journals and has headed multiple studies pertaining to nail conditions and treatments. She is a past president of the Council for Nail Disorders and was honored as the Onychologist of the Year for 2023 through their organization.

Portrait of Phoebe Rich conducting research with a microscope - dermatology clinic in Portland, Oregon

Nail Clinic

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The Dermatology Department is located on the 16th floor.

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Complex Nail Disorder Consultation with Dr. Phoebe Rich

In addition to practicing comprehensive general dermatology at Phoebe Rich Dermatology, Dr. Rich’s passion and notoriety for diagnosing and treating rare and challenging nail problems has resulted in her practice being limited to patients with complex nail disorders. She sees patients with unusual nail problems that have eluded diagnosis or failed treatment, and who are referred to her by dermatologists and other providers from Oregon and surrounding states. She has experience with diagnosing nail problems associated with underlying diseases, unusual nail infections and, and she has diagnosed over 150 malignant tumors in nails.  The workup of these patients can be time-consuming and often requires a nail biopsy for diagnosis or utilizes novel medical and surgical approaches for treatment. Her mission is to provide the best available care for patients with complex nail problems. Unfortunately, her schedule cannot accommodate patients with common nail problems like typical toenail fungus that can be managed by other providers, and for which her expertise is not necessary.

All new patients wishing to schedule (and that fit the guidelines above) will have a virtual consultation with Dr. Rich, which will occur after we receive referring doctor notes, a completed patient questionnaire, and photos taken by the patient of the involved nail(s).  During this virtual consult session, patients will be evaluated and those with suspected high-risk nail tumors (melanomas, squamous cell carcinomas), or other potentially serious nail conditions are scheduled as soon as possible for dermoscopy, biopsy, and other tests to be performed in-office.  Other patients with less risky nail problems will be scheduled in our next available patient slot.  In some situations, patients may be referred back to their provider with suggestions for treatment, or possibly referred to the OHSU resident nail clinic where Dr. Rich is the attending physician.   

Refer a Patient for Nail Consultation

Dr. Rich will see new patients for nail conditions that have been worked up by another provider, preferably a dermatologist.