Refer a Patient

Refer a Patient

Thank you for considering Phoebe Rich Dermatology or Oregon Dermatology and Research Center for your patient’s continued care!

Why Refer to Research

  • Patients receive study-related care from a board-certified dermatologist at no cost to them
  • Patients gain access to new or current treatments
  • Patients may be compensated for their time and travel
  • Patient participation contributes to medical advancements

Every clinical research trial has unique enrollment criteria. If your patient’s indication is included under our Enrolling Clinical Research Studies, please select “Physician Referral” from the list to submit to HIPAA-compliant referral to our study team.

Skin Referrals

Our dermatology clinic is currently only accepting new patients by referral from another healthcare provider for specific, concerning lesions or urgent cases.  If you have a patient to refer to us that fits into one of those categories, please fax us pertinent chart notes detailing the reason with description (size, appearance, differential diagnosis) along with the patient’s demographics to (503) 223-9561.  Once received, your referral will be reviewed by one of our referral coordinators and we will reach out to your patient if it meets these criteria.


Nail Referrals

Our nail clinic is currently only accepting new patients by referral from another healthcare provider, preferably a dermatologist. If you are a healthcare provider and would like to refer a patient with a complex nail condition to Dr. Rich, please fax the referral, all pertinent chart notes, and patient demographics to (503) 223-9561 and our referral coordinator will review the case.

Please note that Dr. Rich typically only sees cases of complex nail diseases and tumors growing underneath nails, both benign and malignant. She does not see patients for more common nail conditions such as brittle nails (ridging or breaking, thinning) and onychomycosis (nail fungal infections), as these can usually be treated by another dermatologist, and she prefers to save her attention for more complex nail cases.

Please note that If you are referring a patient to us and onychomycosis is in the differential, it needs to be ruled out by a fungal culture (such as a PCR) prior to us reviewing the case.  If the culture is positive for dermatophyte, the treatment course can be completed through your office.

We look forward to helping your patient with their nail problem!

If you have any questions about referring a patient to our office, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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